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CATO TRUST was originally set up in 2005 to give something back from the lucky few who managed to get into concerts, free of charge. We felt that this privilege was worth paying a donation to a charity in thanks for being put on the guest list…
In the first 2 years of operation the charity raised £400,000.00 throughout UK shows alone.

Our aim was simple: Each artist we worked with, chose a charity that they felt some emotional connection with. We raised the money on their behalf and they passed it onto the charity.
It’s so simple and easy, it’s a wonder why every act doesn’t adopt this process?

The secret of the operational success was due to Glen Rowe (the charity founder) understanding the needs from the artist's crew. Having been in the touring industry since 1993, the idiosyncrasies can be a minefield & Glen could steer the charity around them.

To date, CATO trust has managed to help 34 young music industry companies start life in their Mansion buildings in Wandsworth.

CATO music was purchased by Production Park in Feb 2016. Due to this take-over, we have decided to change the charity's name, as there is no direct link to CATO music anymore & we feel the waters will be much clearer with a new name & a new set of ambitions for the coming years.

Re-launching on March 1st, 2018 with a changed name from CATO to NEKO trust.

We thought long & hard for the right name & we decided on NEKO (pronounced NEH-KOH), as it’s the Japanese name for the beckoning cat our long-loved charity logo. (Full name Maneki-Neko).
Not to mention, we felt it sounded like CATO & the same number of letters.

NEKO TRUST will now, build upon our history with a list of huge ambitious projects & more outreach work.
It’s time to fire back up the lucky cat, & do some more good!
We are asking you to support the future of the Live events industry…


I hope you wish us well.


Glen Rowe

NEKO trust Founder / MUSE Tour Director