Live Events Launchpad - 12 Week Vocational Training Course

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Our groundbreaking programme is designed to give you and insight into the live events industry, learnt through practical learning methods, taught by professionals currently working in the live events industry at the highest level. 

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The course will take place over 12 weeks and the content is split into 4 modules. Meaning roughly 3 weeks will be spent on each of the following topics. We aim to have all theory work done and dusted by week 3, leaving 9 weeks for hand on learning and practical experience.

Below is an overview of what will be learnt in each of the 4 modules. 

Live Music and Tour Management:


In this module you will learn about everything that is involved in making a tour happen. You’ll learn about the personnel needed to pull off a major tour, from the booking process right through to getting the show from city to city and what happens when the tour finishes.


You’ll learn about the money side of touring, budgeting and accounts as well as settling with venues and the venue staff you will encounter along the way. 


You’ll also learn about the advancing of a tour, how to put together a tour itinerary and the role of the tour manager in steering the whole operation (sometimes literally and sometimes not).

Production Management:


In the production management module you will gain knowledge in all technical elements of a production. You’ll learn about tour design and concepts, and the role of a production manager in both the design and delivery of a touring production. 


You will learn about stage lighting, video and special effects. As well as stage electrics and power and the health and safety involved in all of the aforementioned. You’ll also learn about the technical rider and how to intemperate one as well as how and where to hire or buy the equipment required.


Live Sound:


In the live sound module you will gain an insight into the world of live audio. First you’ll be given an introduction into live sound and what a PA system is. Next you will learn about mixing desks, microphones and how on stage cabling works. Once knowledge of signal paths is grounded from previous lectures you will learn about radio systems and how that works in terms of microphones and instruments.


In the final lecture of this module all of the above will be tied together as you are taught mixing concepts and how live sound actually works in a live event or show situation.





In the final module before the testing process (don’t worry no exams, we’re just going to get you to put on an amazing show) you’ll learn all about instruments. You’ll start by learning an introduction to backline, here you’ll learn about the different relationships different musicians have with their backline technicians. 


Next you’ll learn about keyboards and playback, any backing track techniques that are used in a live scenario are taught here. Then you’ll move onto guitar and bass before the penultimate lecture, drums. In the last lecture before the exam gig (as we’ve coined it) you’ll look at any other instruments you might be interested in using in a live situation, this can be anything from brass to woodwind to huge string orchestras.


Finally you’ll have a practical recap solidifying all the knowledge from the Live Sound and Backline modules before putting on an amazing show for your friends, family and the teaching staff who have showed you how.

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