We run bespoke education programmes to inspire and train the future employees of the industry. By partnering with experts and industry veterans we are able to deliver educational experiences and courses that help young people build the skills that employers need.


Our vocational, short-courses are designed to young people with a keen production and live music industry interest, a first hand practical experience with chosen industry experts.

Our courses will be run from our site in Wandsworth in the evenings over a period of twelve weeks, to allow this learning in personal time while having other commitments.


Please contact us for more info on pricing and times.  



At the heart of NEKO’s mission and a huge undertaking for the charity is our long term project of building five new independent music venues across the UK.

The aim is to create multi-purpose venues that will act as a communal hub for the local and wider community, a place of learning for our live events students and a state of the art venue for music, comedy, poetry and the arts in general.  

It is our intention to offer learning opportunities and jobs within the venues to our students, ex offenders, ex military and those disadvantaged among the population with an interest in the live event industry. Our venues will also have the infrastructure to allow more established bands to play intimate shows to family and fans while also giving the younger, less developed bands the chance to play on a great stage with amazing sound, lights and visuals.  


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